Xianglong Liu

Assistant Professor

State Key Laboratory of Software Development Environment
School of Computer Science and Engineering, Beihang University, China

Office: Room G611, New Main Building
Address: 37 Xueyuan Road, Haidian, Beijing, China 100191
Tel.: +86-10-8233-8094
Email: xlliu AT nlsde DOT buaa DOT edu DOT cn

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Xianglong Liu received the BS and Ph.D degrees in computer science under supervision of Prof. Wei Li, in 2008 and 2014. From 2011 to 2012, he visited the Digital Video and Multimedia (DVMM) Lab, Columbia University as a joint Ph.D student supervised by Prof. Shih-Fu Chang. His research interests include multimedia retrieval, visual computing and data mining, and are particularly focused on hashing for large scale nearest neighbor search and mobile visual search. He is a member of the IEEE and CCF, and serves as the young associated editor of Frontiers of Computer Science, and reviewer for many referred journals.


Selected Papers (all publications)

Multi-View Complementary Hash Tables for Nearest Neighbor Search
Xianglong Liu, Lei Huang, Cheng Deng, Jiwen Lu, Bo Lang
Collaborative Hashing
Xianglong Liu, Junfeng He, Cheng Deng, Bo Lang
IEEE CVPR (young researcher support), 2014
Query-Adaptive Hash Code Ranking for Fast Nearest Neighbor Search
Tianxu Ji, Xianglong Liu*, Cheng Deng, Lei Huang, Bo Lang
ACM MM (short paper), 2014
Hash Bit Selection: a Unified Solution for Selection Problems in Hashing
Xianglong Liu, Junfeng He, Bo Lang, Shih-Fu Chang
IEEE CVPR, 2013.
Reciprocal Hash Tables for Nearest Neighbor Search
Xianglong Liu, Junfeng He, Bo Lang
AAAI, 2013
Compact Kernel Hashing with Multiple Features
Journal version: Multiple Feature Kernel Hashing for Large-Scale Visual Search (PR, 2014)
Xianglong Liu, Junfeng He, Bo Lang.
ACM MM (short paper), 2012
Compact Hashing for Mixed Image-Keyword Query over Multi-Label Images
Journal version: Mixed Image-Keyword Query Adaptive Hashing over Multi-Label Images (ACM TOMCCAP, 2014)
Xianglong Liu, Yadong Mu, Bo Lang, Shih-Fu Chang
ACM ICMR (oral, 13.8%), 2012.
Mobile Product Search with Bag of Hash Bits and Boundary Reranking
Junfeng He, Jinyuan Feng, Xianglong Liu, Tao Cheng, Tai-Hsu Lin, Hyunjin Chung, Shih-Fu Chang
IEEE CVPR, 2012.
Adaptive Multi-Bit Quantization for Hashing
Cheng Deng, Huiru Deng, Xianglong Liu*, Yuan Yuan
Neurocomputing, 2015.
Fast Graph Similarity Search via Locality Sensitive Hashing
Boyu Zhang, Xianglong Liu*, Bo Lang
PCM, 2015
Search by Mobile Image Based on Visual and Spatial Consistency
Journal version: Feature Grouping and Local Soft Match for Mobile Visual Search (PRL, 2012)
Xianglong Liu, Yihua Lou, Wei Yu, Bo Lang
IEEE ICME (Best Paper Candidate, oral, 8%), 2011

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